Earth Day Quiz: Are You A Green Earthling?

Earth Day is praised every year on April 22. In honour of Earth Day, I will do an Earth day quiz!

Earth Day is only around the corner, and it’s time to meditate on how to oblige save the Earth. From recycling to limiting your carbon footprint, here are some ways to be a good Earth citizen!

Earth Day is on April 22 this year. You may have heard the term “Earth Day.” Does it ring a be?

What is the Earth Day Quiz?

What are some of the ways you can help protect the Earth?

-Waste less: limit how much packaging you use, recycle materials when possible, and compost what you can.

-Drive less: carpool, walk or take public transportation when possible, and bike where available.

-Reduce energy consumption: turn off lights when you leave a room, use natural light whenever possible, and ensure your appliances are Energy Star certified.

-Support renewable energy: invest in solar panels or wind turbines, or support legislation that supports green energy initiatives.

The Earth Day Quiz is fun to determine if you’re a green earthling. The quiz takes only a few minutes and will help you understand your environmental responsibility.

Did you sign up for the EPA’s email list to receive updates on Earth Day events and initiatives?

Are the majority of your household consumables organic or recycled?

How to Play the Earth Day Quiz

Welcome to the Earth Day quiz!

Select the answer that best describes how you view environmental issues.

1) I care about the environment and try to be eco-friendly.

2) The environment can take a backseat sometimes.

3) The environment is important, but it’s not worth sacrificing other important things.

4) I don’t care about the environment; if I do, it’s exaggerated.

Play the Earth Day Quiz to discover if you are a green earthling! This quiz will ask about your awareness and understanding of environmental issues. If you score high on this quiz, congratulations! You have demonstrated that you care about the environment and can help protect it by being more environmentally aware.

The Results

Earth Day is coming up, and to commemorate the occasion, we’ve put together a quiz to find out if you’re a green earthling! Please take the quiz to see how much you know about protecting our planet. Good luck!

  1. What is Earth Day celebrated for?
  2.  What are some of the ways that people can help protect Earth?
  3.  What are some of the biggest problems facing Earth today?
  4.  What actions can be brought to handle these issues?

Do you know what Earth Day is all about? U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. Today, Earth Day is celebrated globally to celebrate the planet, its people and our natural resources. In honour of Earth Day 2017, take this quiz to see if you’re a green earthling!

1) True or False: I recycle my trash.

2) Green electricity comes from renewable sources like solar and wind power.

3) I buy organic food whenever possible.

4) I avoid using plastic bags when grocery shopping.

5) I use public transportation whenever possible.

6) I plant a tree every year to help protect the environment.

7) I have installed insulation in my home to reduce energy consumption.

8) I compost my food scraps to help improve the environment.

9) Whenever possible, I try to reduce water usage in my home by turning off the taps when not in use and using efficient appliances


What do you think are the most important ways to protect the Earth? Do you recycle? Take public transportation? Plant a tree? Take the Earth Day examination to see out! Have fun taking it, and let us know what you learned in the comments below!

It’s Earth Day! Are you an eco-conscious person? Take our quiz to find out.

Did you know that Earth Day is April 22 this year? In honour of Earth Day, we’ve created a quiz to help you learn more about your green thumb! Are you aware of the impact that your lifestyle has on the environment? Do you recycle and compost? If not, why not start today? Did you know that reducing your carbon footprint can positively impact climate change? Now that you’re more informed, it’s time to take action and make a difference. Thank you for participating in our Earth Day quiz!

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