How To Create Your First TikTok

You’re ready to start with TikTok? You’re in the right spot.

In this step-by step guide we go over the information you require to begin using TikTok and make your first videoeverything from setting up your account and how to utilize all of the editing tools available on TikTok.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents:

  • Set Up Your TikTok Account
  • Film and Upload Your Content
  • Edit Your Video (In the App!)
  • Publish Your TikTok

Get Started on TikTok Step #1: Set Up Your TikTok Account


Before you can access the well-known For You webpage or make a post it, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the TikTok account.

To begin, visit your App Store, or Google Play and download the TikTok Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia application. After downloading, sign in via Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter or create a new user and password with your email.

As a default feature, TikTok assigns all users unique usernames made of a random assortment of numerals and letters. This isn’t very attractive So let’s make it a different one!

To ensure the best possible user experience for maximum cross-platform discoverycreate your username using your name , or your company name, or the username you are using on your other channels! This allows for an unison extension of your existing brand.

TIP: Want to try something new? Create your own ideas by using punctuation, puns and much more!

After logging into your account, you’ll get taken to the home page.

You’re ready to update your profile! To edit your profile, click “Me” in the bottom right-hand corner.

Tap “Edit Profile”.

We’ll first alter our TikTok profile image. TikTok lets you choose between static images or the option of a video.

It’s an excellent idea to match your profile photo as well as your username, to the image you use on other social networks.

Your profile photo isn’t necessarily the only piece in your TikTok Profile puzzle.

Now, you’re ready to compose the TikTok bio.

The content of your TikTok bio is vital as it’s among the first places that your potential customers will visit. TikTok can accommodate the use of up to 80 characters, which allows users to write a brief and concise bio that is prominently displayed on your profile.

Don’t know what to write in your bio? Here are 25 innovative Instagram bios you’ll be inspired to replicate!

If you’re among those lucky people you’ll see the “website” field in your editing settings.

However only specific TikTok accounts are able to benefit from the TikTok bio link in the moment.

The TikTok link that appears in your bio (website field) is one of the very few places that you can include an easy-to-click link to the app, which makes it a useful source for companies seeking to increase traffic and increase sales.

Read this blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to add a hyperlink to the bio of your TikTok bio.

TikTok also allows an easy YouTube and Instagram integration with Instagram and YouTube. It’s recommended to add accounts on your Instagram as well as YouTube accounts to ensure that your fans will be able to follow you beyond TikTok.

They’ll be displayed on your profile, next to the”follow” button.

Once your profile is set , it’s the time to start following users and take part in discussions!

On TikTok You don’t have to follow any accounts to access their content. The majority of content is display on your personal For You page.

Engaging with and following accounts content helps TikTok understand what content you’re looking for and assists TikTok’s algorithm to create a customized For You webpage.

Are you ready to start using TikTok? Join us on our no-cost 10-day TikTok challenge here.

Get Started on TikTok Step #2: Film Your TikTok

Once your account is established, it’s time to record and edit your first video.

On first impression the tools for editing videos on TikTok may seem intimidating, but we’re confident that they’re very user-friendly and you’ll be an TikTok video editing pro within a matter of minutes.

Let’s get going! detail all the steps below for you!

Step 1: Tap the ‘+ button.

Once you tap in, your camera opens in selfie mode.

It is also possible to film TikTok videos by using either the Stitch or Duet features. To shoot a video with these features, search for an image you’d like to use, tap the arrow and then choose either feature. Follow these steps.

Step #2: Choose Video Length and Templates


When you press the record button, you’ll see a switch that includes videos of various lengths including templates, LIVE, and templates.

Depending on the length you would like your video to last, you can choose between 15 seconds or 60 seconds.

If you click “Templates”, you can select to record using one of the templates created by TikTok’s video creator.

You can also go into the LIVE tab and broadcast live with Tik Tok. From there, you can select a cover image , and choose a title for your live stream.

Step #3: Choose Effects

Beyond the record button you can also tap “Effects” to access TikTok’s built-in video effects.

If you tap the app, you’ll be able to see a variety of AR filters as well as additional effects that enhance your appearance or enhance your surroundings.

There is no requirement to use any effects on video, but they can be quite fun! Certain effects are frequently popular in this application (like green screens) so make sure to look across Your For You page before you pick one.

It is possible to add effects prior to or after you shoot the video, however, certain effects might only be available prior to filming your video.

Step #4: Select a Sound

TikTok isn’t TikTok without the music collection. Music is the main feature of the application — just take a check out the page on TikTok’s trending!

To at the very top Tap “Sounds”.

You can explore all the music on TikTok. TikTok categorizes music into various categories, including popular, top 40 and Viral.

You can select a song prior to putting your content together , or you can choose it in the last stage of the editing.

TIP: Go to through the For You page and use the sounds you like in one simple step! Choose to either click “Add to Favorites” to save it for later, or click “Use this Sound” to make use of it immediately.

Step #5: Film or Upload Your Video

To begin using TikTok There are two ways to record or share your content. You can do it through in-app filming as well as uploading the content.

Some creators prefer to shoot or edit videos using the TikTok app. Others film and edit on a different platform completely.

Tip: Use the editing tools of TikTok to edit and make Instagram Stories. Learn more about this here.

Are you curious about to know what experts are up to? Take a look at the video of our TikTok to Brands Workshop where you’ll learn TikTok marketing strategies from experts who made the platform viral.

In-app Filming

In-app video is a great option, and there are numerous features that you can experiment with. The features are accessible from the right side portion of the display.

The camera can be turn to be in the selfie or subject mode.

Alter how fast your videos play. Film it in slow motion, or increase the speed by 0.3x or 3x.

You can turn on the TickTok’s “Beauty” filter — it’s an integrated AR filter which smooths skin tone and provides a lovely glow.

Select the timer option in order to activate an auto-record countdown so that you can film hands-free.

After you’ve selected the settings you want After that, press record.

If you wish to incorporate various shots into the same video or to create it in segments just press the recording button on each of the segments, release and press it again to record your next shot.

Upload Content To TikTok

To make use of video content you’ve already recorded, simply upload it by clicking on the “Upload” button in the lower right.

This is a fantastic option for those looking to capture video footage or images from their mobile device instead of recording using an app. In this case, you can change the duration of your videos and choose several videos.

TIP uploading your videos to Tik Tok is a great method to reuse video content.

Get Started on TikTok Step #3: Edit Your TikTok

When you’re done creating or uploading your video segments then click the checkmark and switch to the video editor on TikTok. You can edit your video with text, edit your video clips, record voiceovers , and many more things.

Be sure to have taken all of your footage prior to moving to the editing phase. Re-entering TikTok’s editing editor erases any edits you’ve added to the video.

Here’s a quick overview of all the the video editors available on TikTok.

#1: Add Text

The addition of text is essential to provide more information at first glance, but also allows for the inclusion of captions.

For adding text on your TikTok click on the “Text” button on the lower right on the right.

Choose from a variety of colors, fonts and styles.

To alter the duration of text you just need to press the text box and click “Set duration”.

Make use of the slide scale to determine the time you would like your text to show or disappear from your video.

#2: Record Voiceover

Include a voiceover that is unique to your video by choosing Voiceover.

Press Record to capture the audio for your video. Check the box to preserve the original sound if you’d like to have your voiceover as the only audio you can play on the TikTok video.

This feature lets you create a custom sound for your content after shooting. Voiceovers are excellent for tutorials as well as any other content that is educational.

Are you new to TikTok? Learn how to make professional voiceovers for your videos in this easy YouTube tutorial:

#3: Adjust Video Clips and Volume

Choose voice effects that apply a distinct vocal filter for your sound. For instance, Shake and Electronic.

Use the Volume button in order to adjust the volume of your new and the original audio. This is helpful when parts of your audio are hard to discern.

#4: Add Sounds, Stickers, Effects, and Filters

On the bottom on the left side of your screen you are able to add stickers, Sounds effects, filters, and sounds on your clip.

In addition to Instagram Stories TikTok lets you include GIFs and stickers to increase the number of people who view your posts.

This is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve or show more of your personality as a brand.

When you are satisfied with the final product After you’re satisfied, then click “Next”.

Get Started on TikTok Step #4: Publish Your TikTok

Now is the time to share and publish your very first TikTok video.

Once you have your content ready and you are happy with it, publishing your content is easy!

Click “Next” in the bottom right corner.

You’ll be taken to the page you want to go. Similar to the process of adding to an Instagram post, this is where you can include a an appropriate caption, hashtags and tag your friends.

The perfect caption to use on TikTok should be concise and complement the content you’re posting. Additionally, keeping your content short and concise is a good way to get better results.

Check out the caption of Later’s post that says “the last tip is our favorite!”. This will encourage users to stick until the final tip — which could be a major victory in the favor of TikTok. TikTok algorithm.

Select the privacy settings for the video, toggle comments off or on let duets, stitches or reactions, then tap “Save to device” to download the video onto your roll of cameras.

Finally, you can make sure you edit the TikTok thumbnail.

Tap “Select Cover”.

Move the cover over that frame which you’d prefer utilize.

ICYMI: Now you can include text on the cover image! Select from a variety of styles and fonts then click “Save”.

The cover photo is the one that shows on your Tik Tok profile. Therefore, it’s vital that you select an image that doesn’t scroll. By adding text to your cover image is an excellent way to get users to click to the video.

Check out the way Sawyer Hartman, CEO of Cameras on TikTok, does this via the Tik Tok feed.

In case you’re not prepay publish, you can tap “Save to Draft”.

If you’re ready then click “Post”. You’re done You’ve published your very first TikTok.

After your Tik Tok is up and running you can check what it’s doing using Tik Tok Pro Analytics. To view TikTok’s analytics you’ll have to switch to an TikTok Pro subscription. Making the switch to an TikTok Pro account is simple. Follow these steps.

That’s all you need to know before you begin with TikTok. You buymalaysianfollowers should now be able to comprehend what you need to do to publish your first TikTok.

If you’re looking for more TikTok tips, take a look at our no-cost TikTok workshop here.

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