I Noticed Their Conversation With Another Girl. Was it Wrong to Snoop?

Reader Question:

Im a teen and my personal boyfriend and that I have been on for nearly half annually. I inadvertently unwrapped his fb profile he left available back at my computer and I also watched his talk with a woman — an acquaintance of my own.

I study which he attempted to court you likewise. I attempted to not ever mind it before go out that We mentioned “yes” to him, but the guy nonetheless helps to keep inquiring this lady for photos and states he misses this lady and would like to satisfy her sometime.

I know it’s my mistake for snooping, but I dare you never to end up being fascinated whenever you discover that you are sweetheart does this stuff without you knowing.

-Audrey H. (New York)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Online flirting and courting still is cheating. You sweetheart is cheating on you. I would face him regarding it along with right up connection principles you are comfortable with.

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