Is Vaping Healthier than Smoking?

Healthiest and Vaping? Two different words in the same sentence, do they fit together? This question might arise in many minds, and this blog is here to answer that question. Yes, vaping is a healthy activity when you compare it with smoking. It is 95% safer than smoking. Vaping is getting fairly popular as disposable vapes like Squid box vape, Elux rechargeable are easy to use and pocket-friendly.

If you are a smoker, it would be better to stop now and turn to any other healthy hobby. The reason for condemning smoking on a wide scale is that it decreases a person’s life span and causes many health hazards. Smoking is a scary disease, and if you want to live a healthy and long life, you should try to quit it as soon as possible.

Well, this thought can also raise that if smoking is condemned, then why is the use of e-cigarettes appreciated? The reason is e-cigs are not promoted, but since they are 95% safer, disposable vape devices are considered a much better option than conventional cigarettes. Vaping is not recommended to non-smokers but is preferred over smoking.

How Can Vaping Be Healthy?

Vaping can be healthy when it does not make you addicted to it and instead helps you get out of the nicotine addiction caused by smoking. It is considered one of the best alternatives to smoking as it offers you a similar experience to smoking. That is why it is regarded as the best among all.

Nic Salt E-liquids:

The nicotine content in an e-liquid is the one that makes you addicted to it. Freebase nicotine is present in cigarette tobacco, and it is more harmful than laboratory-made Nic Salt. Nic Salt is a more stable form, and it stays in the bloodstream longer than freebase nicotine.

As it stays in the body longer, you do not feel cigarette cravings as usual as you do while smoking. By taking fewer puffs a day, you are already getting one step closer to your journey of quitting smoking or vaping too.

Range of Nicotine Strenght:

Various nicotine quantities are available in e-liquids ranging from 20mg to 0mg. You can opt to decrease the nicotine quantity gradually and then quit it altogether. In cigarettes, this option is not available. You just keep inhaling nicotine and harmful chemicals even if you are smoking as a hobby.

If you want to smoke while in a gathering or due to peer pressure, it would be better to use disposable vapes like Elf bar 1500 instead of traditional cigarettes. You can also vape with an e-liquid that does not contain nicotine and still enjoy making clouds and feeling the flavour.

Diversity of Amazing Flavours:

E-juices come in a variety of flavours. Several fruity, beverage, dessert and bitter flavours like tobacco and coffee are widely-accepted. You can vape with those flavours that you love. Most people go for fruity flavours like strawberry, lemon tart, coffee and many more.

Disposable vapes give you the advantage of enjoying the taste of the things you like without consuming them. Those who have any health issues that prevent them from eating something can enjoy its taste by vaping.

For example, people with diabetes are prohibited from eating sweet things, but if they have a sweet tooth, they can go for sweet flavours of e-liquids. Vaping also helps in weight loss as it provides you with fantastic flavours that taste like the real thing, and you will not feel the need to eat as much as you did earlier.

Bottom line:

Disposable vapes are a better option than regular cigarettes, both health-wise and environmental effect-wise. You can relish the taste and feeling of flavours, making clouds and inhaling a regulated amount of nicotine. Vaping is a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. Hopefully, this blog answered the questions regarding the health effects of vaping.

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