Janet Condra – The Ex-Wife of NBA Star Larry Bird

Janet Condra was born on 7 December 1956 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She married basketball player Larry Bird, and they raised their daughter Corrie. Their relationship was short-lived, however. Although they were married in 1975, they divorced in 1976. There is little information available about the reasons for the divorce. It is believed that Condra was the only child of her late husband. But her actual date of birth and place of birth are unknown.

Janet Condra is currently in her mid-60s and is the ex-wife of Larry Bird. She holds American citizenship, and is of white ethnic background. She attended Springs Valley High School, and later married into the rich Bird family. Her father-in-law was a Korean War veteran, and her mother-in-law was a single parent, working two jobs at once. The Condras are parents to one son, Corrie.

She is now a single mother, raising her daughter alone. She married Larry in 1989, and the couple adopted Connor and Mariah Bird, two daughters. Their net worth is unknown, but Larry Condra’s net worth is estimated at $40 million. She has not disclosed the source of her wealth, but Larry Bird is worth a respectable sum. Her ex-husband is an NBA star, and is expect to make millions from his professional endeavors.

Janet Condra is a well-known actress. She has a slim build and brown-dark eyes. She has a friendly demeanor. She is divorce from Larry Bird and has no social media accounts. She is the ex-wife of NBA star Larry Bird. Her net worth is still unknown, but she has become quite successful. Just ask her if she will be happy in the future. Just keep in mind that the actor is still very much a part of her life.

The actor is the ex-wife of Larry Bird. The two were in love during their high school days. But they separated and had a child in the middle of their marriage. The couple has not been marri for long, but they had a son together. The two were schoolmates, and the two have a son. The two have never married. Nevertheless, she is an extremely talented actress, and has a strong presence on the television screen.

Before marrying Larry Bird, Condra was marri to Larry Bird, a fellow basketball player. The two had a son, Corrie, after Larry Bird’s divorce. In addition to their relationship, the two had a child before they got marri. In 2021, they welcomed their daughter, Corrie, and their first child together. This was their third child. At that time, they had just gotten married. Despite the fact that they were not marri, their son was born shortly after.

Larry and Janet Condra split after only a brief courtship. The couple’s relationship was too far gone for either of them to approach Larry. Meanwhile, their daughter Corrie had to get in touch with the former b-baller. The couple married on 31 October 1976, and Corrie’s mother had a baby girl with Bird after the divorce. After their divorce, the pair’s daughter was born. The two were friends for a long time, but they had a very rocky relationship in the end.

The couple has a son. Their son is name Luke. Their relationship did not last long, but Larry and Janet were marri in 1976. The couple has no children yet, but their marriage lasted for nine years. In 2021, they are still living together. Both women have a son, and their marriage did not last. They have no social media accounts, but they have a son. The relationship ended when Larry and Janet separated.

Condra is a single mother of two children. She and Larry had a son on their own before their marriage. The couple had two children. Their son was born on the 14th August 1977. The couple had a difficult relationship. While Larry was the father, Janet tried to make him love her, but the emotional gap between them led to their divorce. She is marri to a former NBA star. In the series, the couple married, but it didn’t work out.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird were marri in 1978 and divorced in 1976. Their children were born three years later, on 14 August 1977. Both had two other children. Corrie was the only biological child of the couple. Her father adopted the two other children, but they remained friends. In 1981, Larry and Corrie had a daughter together. The couple was divorce on 31 October. Their daughter was born on the same day.

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