NFL Pickwatch: Your One-Stop Shop For The Best And Worst Picks

Welcome to NFL Pickwatch! This is the one-stop shop for all things related to NFL picks, whether you’re looking for the best or worst. We’ll maintain a pathway of all the selections made by professionals and pundits, so you can see who’s burning and who’s not. Plus, we’ll offer our analysis of each week’s games. So check back often, and let us help you make sense of all the NFL picks out there.

NFL Pickwatch: The Best Picks of the Week

Every week, NFL Pickwatch gathers the best and worst picks from the internet and presents them in one easy-to-digest article. This week’s best picks come from NFL experts at ESPN, CBS Sports, and Bleacher Report.

The ESPN expert panellists were unanimous in their picks for the Buffalo Bills to beat the Miami Dolphins, and they were also in agreement that the Los Angeles Rams would get past the San Francisco 49ers.

CBS Sports’ panel was split on the Bills-Dolphins game, with three of their experts picking Buffalo and three going with Miami. In the Rams-49ers game, four out of six CBS Sports experts are taking Los Angeles to win.

All seven experts at Bleacher Report are predicting Ram’s victory over the 49ers. In the Bills-Dolphins game, six experts pick Buffalo to come out on top.

NFL Pickwatch: The Imperfect Selections of the Week

The Worst Picks of the Week:

1. The Detroit Lions (-3) over the Minnesota Vikings

This was close, but the Lions ultimately came out on top. The Vikings had a chance to win it late but needed to take advantage of their opportunities.

2. The Miami Dolphins (+7) over the New England Patriots

The Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL, so it’s no surprise they won this game. However, the Dolphins made them work for it and almost pulled off the upset.

3. The Indianapolis Colts (-2) over the Houston Texans

This was a must-win game for the Colts, and they did just enough to win. It stood cute, but they’ll bring it.

4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+10) over the Green Bay Packers

The Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL, and they proved it by blowing out the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay never had a chance in this game.

How NFL Pickwatch Works

NFL Pickwatch is a website that follows NFL picks made by specialists and critics. It then weighs the exactness of those choices and gives each specialist a score.

You can use NFL Pickwatch to see who the best and worst pickers are and track your own progress if you make your own picks.

Here’s how it works:

Experts make their NFL picks for each game on the thePickwatch website.

The site then calculates the percentage of experts picking each team to win.

It also displays how many experts picked each team and how many times each expert has been right or wrong this season.

You can use this information to improve your own NFL picks or to keep track of who the best and worst pickers are.


If you’re looking for the best and worst picks in the NFL, look no further than Pickwatch. We track every pick every analyst makes, allowing you to see how they did throughout the season. Whether you want validation or entertainment, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start picking!

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