Nigglywiggly: The Art Of Giving Your Life An Enema

Nigglywiggly is a humorous word to describe something that is hardly noticeable, such as the act of giving one’s self an enema. This humor blog post was written by James Larkin, who has personal experience with giving himself an enema.

Sometimes, you’ve got to get something out of your ass. Those people would be the ones who turned to a massage therapist for a colonic, or those who drank castor oil as a remedy for constipation. But it turns out that by these methods alone, you aren’t getting everything out.


Nigglywiggly is the art of giving your life an enema. It’s a way to purge your internal system and achieve spiritual enlightenment. The practice has been around for centuries and there are many different ways to do it. But basically, you put water into your rectum and then wait until it comes out the other end – all while chanting or singing some sort of mantra.

The goal is to cleanse your entire body and mind, and some people even say that Nigglywiggly can bring about mystical experiences. Some people even use Nigglywiggly as a form of self-punishment, believing that by forcing the water into their bowels they can atone for their sins.

Whatever the reasons, there’s no doubt that Nigglywiggly is an esoteric practice with a lot of potential.

1) Choose a suitable location where you won’t be disturbe. You don’t want anyone walking in on you while you’re taking a nasty dump!
2) Make sure you have everything you need before starting: water, bowl, chanting or singing guide (optional), and meditation music (optional).
3) Once everything is set up, carefully pour yourself a glass of water and sit down comfortably in your choose spot. Close your eyes and take a deep breath before slowly pouring the water into your rectum.

The History of Nigglywiggly

Nigglywiggly is the art of giving your life an enema. It is a method for clearing out your system and purging everything that isn’t necessary.

The practice has since spread to other parts of the world, and there are many different techniques for performing an enema.

There are several ways to do an enema: using water, oil, or the natural juices from foods like fruits and vegetables. Some people prefer to use warm water while others prefer cold water. Some people also like to add herbs or spices to the water before they take their enema, while others prefer not to add anything at all.

The most important thing is to relax and let go during the process. You may feel some mild cramps and discomfort, but these should eventually subside. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids after taking an enema; it will help flush out any toxins that were release during the procedure.

How to Give Your Life An nigglywiggly Enema

Giving your life an enema can be a very cleansing and relaxing experience. It is a great way to clear your system and revitalize yourself. There are several ways to give your life an enema. The following instructions are for using a bucket with a water hose attachment.

1) Fill the bucket about two-thirds full of clean water.

2) Strip down to your waist or lower, depending on how comfortable you are with exposing yourself this far from the water.

3) If you are using a shower head, adjust it so that it is pointing down into the bucket. Otherwise, you can use a plastic pot or a large cup to hold the nozzle of the hose attachment below the surface of the water in the bucket.

4) Get into position so that your bottom is just above the water level in the bucket and your head and shoulders are submerg in water up to your neck or chin. If using a shower head, hold onto it with one hand while you use the other hand to insert the nozzle of the hose attachment into your anus. You may need to bend forward at the waist slightly so that it enters easily. Keep your knees bent so that they are submerg beneath the surface of water in bucket as well. Hold onto something for support if necessary (a towel rack, wall railings, etc.).

5) Turn on the faucet attached to hose attachment, wait until it gets flowing smoothly (it may take several minutes for

How to Give Yourself an Enema

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve at least considered enemas as a way to improve your life.

There are a few things you’ll need before giving yourself an enema: some water, an enema bag (or other type of container), and a plunger. Fill the water container part of the enema bag with enough water to cover your rectum and relax into the tub. Put on gloves if you plan on using any oils or creams during your bath. Push the plunger all the way down into the water until it’s submerg. Hold onto the sides of the plunger and lift it up slowly until it reaches your rectum. Push it down again and hold onto it for about 10 seconds. Release the plunger and flush with warm water.

Once you’re finish with your bath, towel off and put on clean clothes. You can continue using your enema bag as needed, but be sure to empty it after each use so that no debris collects inside.

If you’re looking for an easy and discreet way to give yourself an enema, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure the area where you will be performing the procedure is clean and free of any loose objects. If necessary, use a cleansing towel or cloth to clean the surface before beginning.

Next, find a suitable container or receptacle to hold the water and your enema nozzle. An old milk carton or bucket can work well, as can a large plastic baggie with a hole cut in one side. Fill the container about two-thirds full of water and place it so that the nozzle is orient downwards into the water. Make sure that nothing else is resting on top of the container or weight will cause the water to rise and overflow. Finally, gather your courage and insert the nozzle into your rectum until it comes out the other end (use plenty of lubricant if necessary). Pump water slowly through the nozzle until you feel an uncomfortable sensation inside your rectum; once you reach this point stop pumping and let go with a relieved sigh.

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