OTT Platforms Advantages And Disadvantages In 2022

OTT Platforms Advantages And Disadvantages

Over The Top in short OTT is not a new word for us – people loving watching content over the internet. So, what is your favourite OTT platform? 

Netflix, Cyberflix TV APK, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar these all are top giant OTT owners delivering top-notch streaming services with ocean of content over the internet. 

OTT offers instant entertainment content across the globe with the help of world wide web. OTT genre includes movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries, short videos, news, and so on. 

Today, OTT platforms own the people’s lifestyle at a glance with some advantages and disadvantages. 

Here I’ve discussed some critical advantages and disadvantages of OTT platforms in easy to understand language. 

OTT Platforms Advantages

OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are added in the routine of the people. Most people only sleep after watching their shows on OTT. Whether you call it love or routine behaviour – it offers many advantages as follows. 

1) 24*7 Available Content

The biggest advantage of OTT that it provides to its enormous user base is the availability of content all day and night – for 24 hours a day. Users can watch at any time, anywhere. If you have planned to watch a movie on OTT and indeed you don’t have to watch at the current time, you can plan to watch later. This means your content does not change with time, it is there. Just click and watch as you prefer. 

2) Watch Content Without Advertisement

OTT is not like YouTube where you get multiple types of advertisements in the middle of your fun. As OTT is invented to provide fun, you can watch your content without any ads. In fact, I didn’t experience any advertisements coming to hinder my entertainment. 

3) Compatible For Every Device

OTT is not built for specific devices. You can use OTT software on any device with no restrictions coming at all. You can opt for any OTT content and watch on any device such as Mobile, Smart TV, Laptop etc. Additionally, superior devices give you top-notch experiences. 

OTT Platforms Disadvantages

With several pros, OTT has some disadvantages which are mentioned below. These disadvantages are in practice to transform for better experienced delivery. 

1) High Cost Of Subscription

Previously, it was in debate that OTT platforms were charging too much prices. But today, most OTT giant owners like Amazon and Netflix have cut-off this talk of shit with affordable subscription plans. With Amazon Prime Video monthly subscription plan you can watch as much as content with limited accessibility at just Rs INR 129/mo. 

2) Dependency On the Internet

Yes it is true that you need a feasible internet connection to watch your shows. However, to improve OTT excepince at niche, most offer offline features in which you can download them and watch later when you like to watch. No internet connection at prior is needed to watch for offline downloads. 

Final Thought

That all in this article of advantages and disadvantages of OTT platform. If you haven’t used any OTT software or entertainment mobile app yet, Go on… install on your devices and begin watching your favourite shows. 

About Author: Shawn works as an online marketer and works for The Next Decor, an online modern wall clocks and metal wall art design company. He loves to share his narrow thoughts by writing and helping people to learn the right things.

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