Pros and Cons of the Shang Ring Circumcision Device

The Shang Ring is a novel disposable circumcision device that consists of two concentric plastic rings. It is available as 32 different sizes, and is made from China. It has numerous advantages over other circumcision devices and has gained popularity among both males and females. The Shang Ring does have its faults. Learn more about this device islamic circumcision center including its pros and con.

Shang Ring

The Shang Ring is a new disposable MC device that was developed in China. It is available in 32 sizes, from 9 to 42mm in diameter. The Shang Ring circumcising tool is suitable for all ages, from newborns to adults. It is made up of two rings, one of them hinged at the other end. The Shang Ring attaches to the foreskin via a ratchet closure.

Seventy-nine percent of men underwent the procedure without any complications. One circumcision required stitching because the outer ring fell off during the procedure. The mean time to complete the circumcising was seven and a half minutes, with the ring removed in 4.4 minutes. Sixteen patients reported adverse effects (AEs).

The Shang Ring circumcising device has a collar-shaped outer ring with two self-locking ratchets on its collar. The cascade ratchet helps in removing the foreskin precisely during the procedure, ensuring that the frenulum remains intact. The silicon rubber cushion prevents injury by preventing wound exposure. The ventral projections of the Circumcision PlasticRing device prevent dislocation and ensure adequate space for the passage of interstitial fluid.

Pollock technique

The Pollock Technique is a medical procedure that reduces pain and stress in circumcision. It uses a Mogen clamp with local anaesthesia, and is 10 times faster that traditional circumcision. A numbing cream applied to the penis prior to surgery ensures that parents have a comfortable experience. The freezing effect causes the affected area to become numb, eliminating any discomfort from long-lasting painkillers. The hemostat then separates the penis shaft and foreskin.

Doctors trained in the Pollock technique are qualified to perform circumcision. This technique is not for every baby. A Pollock procedure has many benefits. The convenience of removing the device following surgery is another advantage of the Pollock method for circumcision. This can reduce the risk for infection. The patient doesn’t need to wear a bandage. It comes in a sterile packaging and one ligature.


A study involving more than 400 adolescents was conducted to establish the safety and effectiveness of PrePex’s circumcision device. The study was designed to help physicians choose the most effective device for circumcision. The researchers analyzed the results and found that 95% (of uncircumcised males) would recommend PrePex to others. The study also examined the number and severity of complications that occurred during circumcision.

The PrePex circumcision procedure resulted in significantly higher levels than uncircumcised men. Similarly, men who had undergone a circumcision using the device had 1.3 x 10616S rRNA gene copies per swab compared to uncircumcised men. Peptoniphilus and Campylobacter Urealyticus did not make any difference.

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