Shahed hunters anti drone systems

Shahed hunters anti drone systems: Drone technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. From mapping land for farming and construction to observing natural disasters, drones have become an indispensible tool in many fields. But as with any new technology, there are also risks associated with their use. Shahed hunters is a company that uses drones to monitor illegal hunting activity in Iran. Recently, they’ve been targeted by Iranian hackers. This article explores the risks of drone technology and how businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks. If you’re working with drones or plan to in the future, make sure to keep these risks in mind and take steps to protect yourself.

Shahed hunters anti drone systems

Shahed hunters anti drone systems are a latest addition to Iranian military arsenal. Shahed-131, also known as the “Volcano” is an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the Iranian aerospace engineering research institute Isfahan Aircraft Manufacturing Organization (IAMO). It has a length of 10 meters, width of 2.5 meters and height of 3 meters and can carry a payload of 500 kilograms. The Shahed-131 is capable of flying at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and can remain in the air for up to 24 hours without refueling.

The Shahed-131 is believed to be able to launch guided missiles with a range of over 100 kilometers. It can also be used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Iran has reportedly ordered around 60 Shahed-131s from IAMO and it is likely that more orders will follow in future.

What are the Shahed hunters anti drone systems?

The Shahed hunters anti drone systems are a new line of defense against drones. They use Shaed missiles to take down drones. The missiles are tipped with metal fragments that can disable or destroy the drone.

How do they work?

Shahid hunter’s anti-drone systems are a type of air defense system designed to intercept and destroy hostile drones. The system uses an infrared sensor to detect the presence of a drone and a radar to track its movement. When the system determines that a drone is hostile, it can shoot it down with missiles or guns.

The Shahedhunters system is based on technology developed by the Iranian military. It is not clear whether the system has been used in combat, but reports say that it has successfully intercepted and destroyed several drones. The system is reportedly difficult to detect and defend against, so it may be effective against hostile drones used by terrorist groups or other enemies of Iran.

What are the benefits of using Shahed hunters anti drone systems?

Shahed hunters antidrone systems are designed to disrupt and disable drones operating in hostile airspace. The systems use a variety of techniques to achieve this, including jamming and spoofing signals, disabling engines, and destroying drones.

The benefits of using Shahid Hunter anti-drone systems include reduced risks to personnel and equipment, enhanced situational awareness, and decreased reliance on external support. By disrupting drone operations, the systems can prevent them from carrying out attacks or gathering intelligence. Additionally, by reducing the number of drones in the airspace, opponents may be forced to shift their focus elsewhere.

Where can I buy Shahed hunters anti drone systems?

Looking to buy Shahed hunters antidrone systems? Here are some places you can find them: -Online: You can find a variety of Shahid hunters anti-drone systems online. Some retailers sell them outright, while others offer discounts if you buy a package of systems. -GPOs and military surplus stores: These stores often carry surplus equipment from the military, including Shahid hunter’s anti-drone systems. -Armory stores: Many armories carry Shahid hunters’ anti-drone systems, as well as other weapons and gear used by law enforcement and security personnel.


Shahed hunters anti drone systems are a great way to deter drones from flying over your property. They use lasers and noise to create a loud and confusing signal that will keep the drones away.

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