The effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy to transform your health

The effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy to transform your health

“Before I sought help for alcohol abuse, getting my own needs met all the time was all I thought about,” Kate* says. Kate*. “My most beloved relatives or friends might be laid off from work or had their homes taken or had to manage a traumatic event or life-threatening The effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy to transform your health illness, however, I was unaware of their issues.

“I am thoroughly ashamed of transformation health services to say that before going into rehab, my every waking thought was about me, and only me.”

The cost of paying

Kate’s behavior is typical of the thousands of people in the UK who frequently drink drinking alcohol regardless of price. When we say “cost”, we don’t just mean money. What about the effect on their health, as well as the cost borne by their loved ones?

“Since leaving rehab and becoming a community worker I have described alcoholics. As being ‘prisoners’: they feel imprisoned by their addiction and can’t see a way out. As a reformed alcoholic, I explain to others that although the person. With the drinking problem may feel like a prisoner. The people around them are also ‘part-serving the sentence’, so to speak” Kate says. Kate.


The majority of alcohol-related drinkers don’t appreciate they. Are not aware of the effects that their addiction has on the all about wellness people around them. The people they love might suffer silently and be wary of provoking the temper. Of the drinker (when they’re drunk, or in a bad mood following an alcohol-related drinking spree). Some spouses of those who abuse alcohol may be financially dependent on their spouse and therefore feel financially shackled.

“Kate was what is known, I believe, as a functioning alcoholic. Although she was addicted to alcohol and drank morning, noon and night. She was still able to somehow hold down a job,” Kate’s husband, Jonathan*. “With two kids to look after, I didn’t work and so had no money of my own to speak of. Meaning there was no way I could leave. It was incredibly frustrating. Kate’s selfishness was extremely hard to deal with.”

For the spouses of those who drink it isn’t always easy. Alcoholics who are heavy drinkers may exhibit these signs of alcoholism:

  • Deceitful
  • Irresponsible
  • Lazy
  • Physically and verbally physical abuse
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Spiteful

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