Types of applications we can build using Node js

Node js application development

First of all many of us believe that Node js is a programming language or framework. However, that is not true at all. Node js is a JavaScript runtime environment. It means that it helps in executing the java scripts over the browsers with ease. Node js is more efficient in execution as compared with other programming languages. Business owners who need applications for their business can build various types of applications using Node js. Node js Development Company offers cost-effective solutions for application development. They offer a wide range of services to their clients. It includes node js web development, node js application development, node js consulting services, and node js support and maintenance services. In this blog, we will explore what we mean by Node js application development and what various types of applications can be built using Node js.

What do we mean by Node js application development?

Business needs an application that provides flexibility and mobility to their employees. They shall increase the efficiency and productivity of the company or organization. The application used by the company must be scalable and robust to facilitate business growth. Node js application development is an end-to-end service where node js developers write node js codes, compile them or execute them to build robust, scalable, and efficient applications for performing the specific activity in business. These applications help us to automate the business process and provide excellent flexibility and mobility to employees.

Web-based applications

Some companies want to display the same design, aesthetics, and features as their official website in the applications. That is why they build web-based applications which can be accessed on any device irrespective of the device or browser used by the users. Node js application developers can build commercial web-based applications that help in organizing and managing the business efficiently.

Customized Mobile applications

If the business owner wants their users to download and install the application on the device and get specific offers and discounts then they prefer to develop customized mobile applications. These mobile applications are scalable for a company of any size and composition.

Standalone applications

At times we might want to have a geo-target audience for specific products and services. For this, we develop standalone applications using node js. These applications can help us increase sales of products and services by displaying the products to the right audience who are more likely to purchase the products.

Real-time applications

We love to stream online videos and watch our favorite web series episodes. For this, we use real-time streaming applications. These applications need fast processing and computation on the cloud platform. That is why node js is considered while the development of real-time streaming applications. We can also build real-time chatbots that can answer the most frequently asked questions by the customers and help them get accurate information at the right time.


To sum up we can say that Node js application development can help business owners in many ways. They can grow their business faster using node js applications. This is because node js applications have high performance in speed, and have no compatibility issues with the hardware device configuration, or operating system.

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