We Worry He Or She Isn’t Curious. Is The Guy Playing It Cool?

Reader Question:

i have been seeing this guy for monthly just who I met online. We have been talking pretty much every day since our very own very first big date. We in addition slept collectively regarding next time.

Soon after we go out, the guy frequently waits a few days to reserve our very own then day. Therefore, i am merely seeing him once a week. We stress he isn’t that interested since he is perhaps not beating down my personal home observe myself once more.

Could the guy you need to be playing it cool?

-Ally (New York)

Gina Stewart’s Solution:

Ally, benefit from the guy. The guy contacts you constantly? The guy requires you on with see? I believe 100 women just boarded flights to North Carolina.

He may just be using their some time and willing to carry out acts right. Rushing into things is an activity fools are known to do, perhaps not the smart.

And also by all ways, you can easily toss the man a bone and get to see him sooner by asking him aside. Occasionally men require only a little reassurance that you want observe them, too.

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