What Happened to Terry Lee Flenory? Is He Dead or Alive?

In the world of conspiracy theorists, Terry Lee Flenory is a name you might be familiar with. The 70-year-old retired truck driver from Oklahoma is the alleged mastermind behind the September 11th terrorist attacks. And some believe that he’s still alive and living in hiding.

What is Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory is one of the world’s most mysterious figures. He is known for his work in parapsychology and conspiracy theories. Some say he is dead, while others believe he still lives and is hiding out. What is Terry Lee Flenory’s real name and where is he now?

The Suspects in the Case of Terry Lee Flenory

Since the disappearances of Terry Lee Flenory and his two young sons in 1989, the case has remained one of mystery. While many theories abound as to what happened to the family, no arrests have been made and no clues uncovered. Here are five potential suspects in the case.

1. Terry Flenory ex-wife: In 1989, Terry Flenory’s ex-wife reported that she had last seen him and his two sons at a restaurant near their home. Since then, she has never spoken publicly about the incident and there is no record of her ever filing a police report. It is possible that she has information about what happened to the family and is refusing to cooperate with authorities.

2. Terry Lee Flenory’s sons: It is possible that Terry Lee Flenory’s sons took advantage of their father’s position as a local sheriff and killed him, then hid the bodies. If this was the case, they would have had to cover up their tracks very well over the years.

3. Someone who knew about the family’s secret: During their investigation into Terry Lee Flenory’s disappearance, police discovered that he and his family

How Did Terry Lee Flenory Die?

Terry Flenory, a.k.a. “The Mad Hatter,” was considered one of the most recognizable criminals in America. His bizarre crimes, which included wearing a rabbit’s head on a stick and robbing banks, made him an international sensation. In 1989, he was arrested in Panama City, Florida, after fleeing from a federal indictment in Texas for bank robbery and weapons possession. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and died there in 2001 at the age of 52.

What are the Possible Motives for His Murder?

The case of Terry Lee Flenory is one that has left many people puzzled and frustrated. He was a well-known, respected figure in the community, but what happened to him? Was he murdered, or is he still alive and living a quiet life somewhere? There are several possible motives for his murder, and the police are still trying to figure out who did it. Here are four of the most likely scenarios.


While the answer to this question is unknown, there are several theories circulating online as to what could have happened to Terry Lee Flenory. Some believe that he may be dead, while others think he may have fled the country in order to avoid prosecution. As of now, his whereabouts remain a mystery and his loved ones are desperate for answers.

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