What is Nathan Chen majoring in?

Nathan Chen is an American figure skater. He is the current Olympic champion, as well as a three-time World, Four Continents, and Grand Prix Final champion. He is also a six-time U.S. national champion. He has won several major competitions and won the gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. His skating skills are the envy of many. He has a perfect score of 109.2 points.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Chen picked up the sport at a young age after watching hockey. His mother, Hetty, and father traveled to Lake Arrowhead several times a year to train him in the sport. Their coach, Rafael Arutyunyan, was a former gymnast who was a world-class competitor. They lived in their car when traveling. They made history at the 2017 Winter Olympics, with Chen landing two quads in the short program.

While Chen has been on leave from Yale University since fall 2020, he is majoring in statistics and data science. The Pandemic forced him to halt his education to focus on his passion for the sport. At the victory lap press conference, Chen said that he didn’t feel the program was real until he won the gold medal. He skated a medley of Elton John songs, including a Pink remix, and Logic.

He won five gold medals in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and he is the first U.S. figure skating athlete to win eight consecutive Grand Prix events. His most recent competition, at the World Championships in Sochi, came with a record margin of victory of 44 points. As a result, Chen was the first singles skater to win eight straight Grand Prix competitions. It was the first time since 1997 that a male athlete has won eight consecutive competitions.

The truncated season that Chen experienced last year left him with very little time to prepare for his World Championships. He missed the competition due to the pandemic and did not participate in the Worlds in his native country. The pandemic prompted Chen to enroll at Yale University and has lived in the US since. His mother was a Russian immigrant and moved to the United States after she became ill.

Despite the flu and his ailment, Chen is able to maintain his momentum. He won four Grand Prix finals, earning the fourth U.S. title. In 2016, he will make his debut at the World Championships. In 2018, he will make his debut at the Olympic Games. He plans to become the first Asian athlete to hold a U.S. Olympic gold medal. In addition to his four-year-old victory, the aspiring figure skater will also compete in the 2017 Winter Olympics.

In March 2014, Chen won the bronze medal in the World Junior Championships. He teamed up with Jordan Moeller and Shotaro Omori to earn the medal. The team’s bronze-winning efforts secured three entries in the World Junior Championships in 2015. The snares of the young men were astonished by their new gold. The two snatched gold medals in four and five-meter races.

Despite the gold-winning moment, Chen’s mother, Hetty, and brother, Rafael Arutyunyan, are the main reasons why Chen has been so successful. They both live in the same home in Orange County, California. When they’re traveling, Hetty and Nathan spend the entire summer in their car. The road trip provides them with many opportunities to explore the state of their city. They are also devoted to the community and have a strong sense of community.

Despite his flu-ridden state, Nathan Chen still remains a champion in the men’s figure skating division. He competed for the United States at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. His four-time U.S. title was his most notable achievement so far. He was a flu-ridden teenager when he competed for the title in 2021. This result, however, hasn’t stopped Chen from continuing to be the best figure skater in the world.

Chen has won four Olympic medals, including one gold in Beijing. He’s a once-in-a-generation talent. His jumps are impressive and graceful. He has been dubbed the “Quad King” of figure skating. He’s landed six quadruple jumps in the 2018 PyeongChang Games. His success has pushed him into the world’s elite.

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