Why Choose Node.js for Web Development in 2022?

node js web development

Web development is crucial for business or organizational success. It helps in expanding the global reach of the customers. Although many programming languages help us in web development however Nodejs is considered best for web application development. There has been a rapid increase in demand for Node js development. More than 70% of e-commerce and fintech companies use Node js codes. Node js allows us to design and develop static and dynamic web pages. A static website is used for passing information about the company however dynamic web pages can interact with users, take inputs from web controls like text boxes, and combo boxes and store the information in the database effectively. These types of back-end operations can be done easily through node js web applications as well.

What is Node js web development?

Node js web development is an end-to-end service that Node js web Development Company offers. Consultants analyze a business that needs a professional website. Furthermore, they build strategies and plan for solving business issues through web development. Node js programmers write Node js codes in an integrated development environment which helps them to write codes efficiently without making any syntax errors. They can compile and execute the codes easily through the node js integrated development environment. Nodejs web development is cost-effective as compared to other programming languages. Above all the node js websites are mobile friendly and have good performance in speed.

Top 5 companies that use Node js for web development


Linkedin is a professional social networking site where business leaders and HR can publish job offers. This platform allows us to interact with professionals across the globe. Using LinkedIn we can share posts in our network and follow business pages. Linkedin uses Node js for managing posts shared by its users.


Netflix is a video streaming site that allows users to watch online videos without buffering. Node js helps in building a web portal where users can upload videos, and download or watch the videos easily. Netflix is the most popular video streaming site that allows users to watch web series.


Uber is a web-based application that uses GPS tracking. It is a cab booking site that allows us to book a cab for traveling to distant places. For instance, if we want to get pick up from our home we can book cabs online from Uber apps easily.


Paypal is a fintech company that helps us in making online money transactions. We use the PayPal application for making invoices for receiving payments from offshore companies. Besides this, it is also used by freelancers across the globe to accept payments from their clients.


eBay is an online shopping site from where buyers can purchase electronic products. This website uses the Node js framework for managing front-end and back-end operations. In other words, we can easily update the product listings and stock availability on the site.

Things to consider before selecting a company for Node js web development

For web development, we need to select the best company that understands the needs and requirements of the business. We must consider a company that has good experience in Node js web development. We recommend that one should look for technical proficiency in Node js development. For this purpose, we must visit the official site of Node js development company and check out their company profile, and work ethics.

In conclusion, we must say that Node js is getting lots of traction due to its recent rise in popularity. Developers prefer to develop websites using Node js because it has many useful resources like Node js package manager. Subsequently, making a website using Node js will be advantageous because they are lightweight and have high performance in speed.

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