Your Guide To The Taylorville Daily News: All The Latest News From Your Hometown

Taylorville, Illinois, is a small but vibrant town with a fair share of newsworthy events and happenings. If you live in the area, you know how important it is to stay up to date on all the latest news stories – from politics to sports and everything in between. But where can you find all this news? The answer: The Taylorville Daily News. For more than 70 years, The Daily News has provided Taylorville residents comprehensive coverage of the city’s most meaningful events. This guide will examine what makes The Daily News unique and why it’s such an invaluable resource for staying informed about your hometown.

The Taylorville Daily News: Your Hometown Newspaper

The Taylorville Daily News is your go-to source for your hometown’s latest news. We have you covered, from local sports and school news to community events and city government.

We are dedicated to providing our readers with accurate and timely information, and we work hard to be the leading news source for the Taylorville area. In addition to our daily newspaper, we also offer an online edition that is updated throughout the day so you can always stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Taylorville or just passing through, pick up a copy of the Taylorville Daily News!

The History of the Taylorville Daily News

The Taylorville Daily News is a local newspaper serving the city of Taylorville and the surrounding area for over 125 years. The paper was founded in 1892 by George W. Young, who served as its first editor and publisher. In the early years, the article was published from a small office on the second floor of a downtown building.

Today, the Taylorville Daily News is published out of a modern facility on the outskirts of town and has a circulation of over 10,000. Editor-in-Chief David Cutsinger leads the paper by GateHouse Media. The article covers all the latest news from around Taylorville, including local government, schools, sports, businesses, and more.

How the Taylorville Daily News

The Taylorville Daily News comprises a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to bring you the latest report from your hometown. Everyone plays a vital role in ensuring that the paper is accurate and informative, from the reporters who gather the report to the editors who write the stories.

The reporting team is responsible for gathering all the information for each story. Involves talking to sources, conducting research, and attending meetings or events. Once they have all the necessary information, they write their story and submit it to their editor.

The editors then read through each story and ensure it is well-written and free of errors. They will also check to ensure that all the facts are correct and that the sources used are reliable. Once they are satisfied with the article, it will be in the next edition of the Taylorville Daily News.

What’s in the Taylorville Daily News?

The Taylorville Daily News is your go-to source for your hometown’s latest news. We’ve covered you, from local politics and sports to community events and school district news.

Here’s a look at some of the top stories from the Taylorville Daily News:

– City Council Approves New Budget: The Taylorville City Council has approved a new budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Highlights include a 3% increase in property taxes and increased spending on police and fire services.

– High School Football Team Wins State Championship: The Taylorville High School football team has won the state championship!

– Local Businesses Donate to Food Bank: Several local businesses have donated food and other items to the Taylorville Food Bank, helping to restock its shelves after a busy holiday.

How to subscribe to it

Assuming you would like a content section discussing how to subscribe to the Taylorville Daily News: 

The first step is to visit the website, Once there, look for the “subscribe” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on this button, and it will direct you to a page with subscription options. 

Three subscription options are available: digital only, digital and print, or print. If you choose digital only, you will have full access to the website’s content and a weekly email newsletter. The digital and print option includes all of the benefits of the digital-only subscription plus a physical copy of the paper delivered to your home each week. The print-only option provides a physical copy of the document to your home each week but does not include any online access. 

Choose the subscription option that best fits your needs, and then follow the prompts to complete your purchase. You will be asked for your contact information and payment details. Once your purchase is complete, you will have full access to all the latest news from your hometown!


Stay informed about your hometown is always essential, no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for local news, sports updates or community articles, It has all the latest information from your hometown. We hope this guide helps you stay up to date on what’s happening in Taylorville and keeps you connected to what matters most – home.

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